I am trying to synchronize:


according to the changes made in:

(PDT's workspace).

To do this, I entered sudo crontab -e in the command line, and I added the following line to the end of the opened file :
@reboot lsyncd -direct /home/cockroach/workspace/CI_TEST/ /var/www/CI_TEST/
I have also given full privileges to both folders by using sudo chmod -R 777, but here is no changes made when I use my browser to see the pages I make. This method had been working previously, therfore I think there should be something I have not done yet. Could you help me to fix the problem? Thank you vary much in advance.


When writing cron jobs you should use the absolute path to the binary, if you haven't already done a export of your PATH in crontab.

Find out where lsyncd is located with:

$ command -v lsyncd

Example output: /bin/lsyncd. Copy the output and replace lsyncd with the absolute path.

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