I am trying to synchronize:


according to the changes made in:

(PDT's workspace).

To do this, I entered sudo crontab -e in the command line, and I added the following line to the end of the opened file :
@reboot lsyncd -direct /home/cockroach/workspace/CI_TEST/ /var/www/CI_TEST/
I have also given full privileges to both folders by using sudo chmod -R 777, but here is no changes made when I use my browser to see the pages I make. This method had been working previously, therfore I think there should be something I have not done yet. Could you help me to fix the problem? Thank you vary much in advance.

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When writing cron jobs you should use the absolute path to the binary, if you haven't already done a export of your PATH in crontab.

Find out where lsyncd is located with:

$ command -v lsyncd

Example output: /bin/lsyncd. Copy the output and replace lsyncd with the absolute path.

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