Fedora has a Firewall Configuration interface:

Screenshot of the interface

Does this use iptables underneath to enforce the rules?


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I assume it does, but it's easy to find out to make sure:

As root or via sudo do:

iptables -L (iptables is usually located under /sbin)

It should print out a bunch of rules. If you see rules that match what you selected via the GUI interface, you can assume it does. :)

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    Or you can just check out the source to find out for sure. Dec 29, 2011 at 6:53

It pretty much has to, unless they've done a whole lot of reinventing the wheel in order to talk to the kernel's netfilter interface directly, which would mean a great deal of hassle for absolutely no benefit -- there's literally nothing that said interface can do that iptables can't tell it to.

If you want to be sure, go to a root console and type

iptables -L 

You should see a list of active filter rules.

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