I have to install python package locally/globally on a machine using pip, so for I do not want to install pip on local machine. I can successfully create a new virtual environment using

easy_install virtualenv-15.0.1.tar.gz    # (this package is present on machine)
mkdir /tmp/tmp_env
virtualenv /tmp/tmp_env/ENV
/tmp/tmp_env/ENV/bin/pip install PACKAGENAME

But when I do so it installs this package on virtual environment. I wish to install package on local environment so that even if I remove/deactivate virtualenv package should be present on local env.

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When you're in a new Virtual env, anything you install will only be specific to that env. Move out to a global shell where you haven't sourced the new ENV or don't use /tmp/tmp_env/ENV/bin/pip install PACKAGENAME. Instead use the pip you have in the shell's global PATH.

  • Thank you. But I do not have pip on my localenv neither I want to download it on localenv. So can't we download any package from "pip in virtaulenv" to "localenv"
    – Nitesh S
    Apr 22, 2016 at 6:32

You can try to have the pip in the virtualenv write to another location by user --user or --install-option:

 PYTHONUSERBASE=/path/to/your/dist-or-site-packages /tmp/tmp_env/ENV/bin/pip install --user


/tmp/tmp_env/ENV/bin/pip --install-option="--prefix=/path/to/python/install"

You should however not doing this kind of cludging at all. If you don't want to install pip, just install the PACKAGENAME with easy_install directly, or download the source packages tar.gz file, extract it and run

python setup.py install

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