I am fairly new to this version of Linux.

I have it set so that when it boots, it automatically boots into the GUI for the operating system. This means when I load up the OS I am greeted with a login screen. My question is how to have it so NumLock is on by default at this point.

I have looked at ways of doing it and most the ways involve using NumLockX. I have gone off several forums on how to do it, here, here, and here. However they are for Ubuntu and Debian versions of Linux and they proved unsuccessful when I tried them on Kali. Is anyone aware of how to do it on Linux Kali? I would appreciate any help.


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  • @EightBitTony I do apologise but I haven't really got much interest on either post and I can't seem to find an answer on how to do what I am after – Dan Apr 21 '16 at 10:32
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    The questions are 1 hour old, at a time of day when (frankly) the majority of readers are either in bed, or at work. Maybe give it more than 60 minutes. – EightBitTony Apr 21 '16 at 10:33
  • @EightBitTony You don't happen to know the answer do you? – Dan Apr 21 '16 at 16:31

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