How can I find a linux-distro with gcc4-installed?

I've searched internet but without success for instance this wikipedia page

  • Current Debian stable has gcc 4.9 as default. – Faheem Mitha Apr 28 '16 at 23:09

Version 4 of gcc (Gnu C Compiler) is from 2005, I would guess any semi-recent distribution has that. Whether it's installed by default in any I don't know, but most linux distributions make it easy to install extra software after installation.


The best way is to install all the basic development tools by yourself , the compiler it is not installed by default on a greatest number of Linux distros because a lot of users dosn't need to compile anything..

Example 1: To set your devloppement environnement on based Debian distributions , you need to install build-essential .

Example 2 : On RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX you need to install Red Hat Developer Toolset which contains a suite of development tools including gcc

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