I am using iMac, with GPT and Hybrid MBR partition table.

the GPT layout is:

  1. EFI partition.(FAT32)
  2. Windows 7 partition.(NTFS)
  3. MacOS partition.(HFS+)
  4. Linux.(ext4)
  5. data.(exfat)

the hybrid MBR is made by gdisk, chosen #(1,2,3,5) from GPT. I have triple boot OS managed by refind.

Now, I'd like to backup my whole 500G disk by booting from a external linux USB disk.

I not sure about GPT table backup

Does above link mentioned also backup hybrid MBR? Or I need to backup GPT and hybrid MBR separately?

To backup, if I booted from Linux USB stick, mounting all partitions. Then, use tar jcf to compress all partition data to another USB hard disk. say, efi.tar.bz2, win.tar.bz2, macos.tar.bz2, linux.tar.bz2, data.tar.bz2

To restore, the steps will be, boot from Linux USB stick

  1. restore partition table(GPT+Hybrid MBR)
  2. reboot and format 5 partitions.
  3. mount all partition and tar xf above tarballs into mounted path separately.

Is above plan doable? Or any easier way to backup/restore my who disk with compressing ration. (I don't want to dd my disk...)

  • If your disk is named /dev/sda under linux and you want just the whole image of your disk, i think you can use: dd if=/dev/sda | xz > /yourbackup.img.xz but to restore it you will need a disk with the same geometry (i think) – dervishe Apr 18 '16 at 14:16
  • Use a "live" CD/USB of Clonezilla. clonezilla.org – cas Apr 18 '16 at 23:28

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