Is there a way to make a whole Debian (Jessie) installation use a different syslog socket than /dev/log (like, for example, /tmp/my-other-log) ?

Reason: I'm running Debian Jessie in a chroot environment within a Android 4 environment. /dev/log in Android is a directory, so I can bind-mount that path to a different file. To make rsyslogd work with all debian programs, I need /dev/log to be a custom socket, or make all programs use a different path.

  • Can I override the path using some environment variable perhaps?
  • Since I prepare the Debian installation using debootstrap, is there something I can do at build time? Maybe patch the libc (or where ever syslog code is hidden)?

Patching the libc binary seems to work:

sed -i --binary -e 's/\/dev\/log/\/SLG\/log/' /lib/*/libc-*.so

This causes programs to send syslog messages to /SLG/log instead of /dev/log (note the same length of the strings).

However, I consider this a dirty hack and I really hope someone comes up with a better solution...

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