I have a file f1.txt which has contents like below

file1 file2
file3 file4

and file1 has contents like below

student1 10
student2 20

Now I want to get the first column from f1.txt and print out contents of file1 using awk. I tried awk '{print $1}' f1.txt | cat $1, but it doesn't work. Any simple way to get the contents of file1 using awk?


Within awk you can call function system to run external command:

awk '{system("cat "$1)}' f1.txt

Or if you want to print only content of the file1 and not file3:

awk 'NR==1{system("cat "$1)}' f1.txt

If you are not doing any processing of the data within awk, and using awk just to select the data, this is suited to xargs, e.g.,

awk '{ print $1; }' | xargs cat

That has the advantage over system that xargs will collect multiple parameters for cat, and thus be a little more efficient.

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