Could you please help me to sort this out? I'm trying to write a bash script which will monitor ram usage (not only ram but cpu and network as well) and show me 3 processes which use the most ram in past X seconds? I know that I can find which processes use the most ram by running the following:

ps aux | awk '{print $2, $4, $11}' | sort -k2rn | head -n 3

But how can this be repeated? I want to see not the situation at this exactly second, but monitor the situation for (let it be) 60 seconds and see top 3 processes which was using the most ram.

  • You can try watch "ps aux | awk '{print $2, $4, $11}' | sort -k2rn | head -n 3", you can look into using top -b` and passing it additional sorting parameters, and there are also other tools like sar and vmstat that might be helpful. – DopeGhoti Apr 15 '16 at 22:45

I use the dstat command. Very useful. Explore it using man dstat

For example:

Find most expensive in terms of memory every 3 seconds:

#dstat --top-mem 3 --most-expensive- memory process firefox 1430M firefox 1430M firefox 1431M firefox 1435M firefox 1435M firefox 1435M firefox 1435M firefox 1438M

Similarly you can dot it for cpu , network , IO , etc.

dstat --top-cpu 3 -most-expensive- cpu process
firefox 3.5 firefox 4.5 firefox 2.4 firefox 2.6 firefox 2.8 firefox 2.0 firefox 2.8


Top 3 memory hungry processes command:

ps auxxx --sort=-rss | head -4

Top 3 cpu hungry processes:

ps auxxx --sort=-%cpu | head -4

You can run these scripts through Cronjob at every minute.

          • /tmp/serverhealth.sh

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