I was thinking in a way to get .mp3 files from a html page, manually i did get using wget

wget http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/wp-content/uploads/files/question-prix.mp3

So, i try this for an automatic way to get all mp3 file

grep -i -E -o "content="http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/wp-content/uploads/files/*.mp3" "$thread" | sed 's/ /_/g' - > "$names"

where "$thread" is the name of the html file, "$names" is the list of filenames as output.


sed -ne 's/.*\(http[^"]*\).*/\1/p' < "$thread"


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The following script will download every .mp3 link in the HTML file or URL contained in the variable $thread. It makes use of lynx -dump -listonly, which is one of the easiest and most convenient ways for a shell script to extract a list of URLs from a HTML file or URL.

The script requires you to know the URL for the index page which lists the .mp3 files. Or the filename containing an already-downloaded copy of that page.

You didn't mention what that index URL was, so i've just used the bogus http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/mp3-list.html as an example. Replace with the correct URL or filename.

#! /bin/bash


while IFS= read -r url ; do
  wget "$url"
done < <(lynx -dump -listonly "$thread" | awk '/\.mp3$/ {print $2}')

You can use wget's recursive retrieval options. For example:

$ wget \
    -e robots=off \
    --accept '*.mp3' \
    --level=1 \
    --recursive \
    --no-directories \

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