I want to use CentOS. I was used to Red Hat 9.x but now I'd like to use CentOS. But I don't know what CentOS version is equivalent to Red Hat 9.x?

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Red Hat Linux 9 was released in 2003, and discontinued in 2004. There is no direct CentOS equivalent; CentOS 2, the first release, was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2, and is the closest release to Red Hat Linux 9 chronologically.

All these versions are over a decade old though, so you'd be better off using the latest release of CentOS, or even Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is now available free in the developer subscription.

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    Just a quick warning for readers, this is specifically about Red Hat Linux - RHL, not Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RHEL, which is much more recent (latest is 9.3) Commented Feb 23 at 11:23

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