Is it possible to list available packages in a specific repository, one of the repositories configured in apt, on Debian Jessie using the command line?

For example,

deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian jessie main non-free

from /etc/apt/sources.list.

  • try apt-cache command
    – Ijaz Ahmad
    Apr 15 '16 at 9:57

Given that the repository you're interested in is in your apt sources, you can find the information on the packages available there in the files apt downloads; for the line

deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian jessie main non-free

these would be respectively

  • /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.de.debian.org_debian_dists_jessie_main_binary-amd64_Packages
  • /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.de.debian.org_debian_dists_jessie_non-free_binary-amd64_Packages

(assuming you're on amd64). You can ensure those files are up-to-date first by running

apt-get update

Aptitude can search by archive name:

aptitude search '~Ajessie'

~Aarchive (or, equivalently ?archive(archive)) is documented in the search term reference as

Select packages from the given archive (such as “unstable”).

If you want only the package names, then pass -F %p to format the output appropriately; by default you'll also get status and short description for each package.



wget http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/dists/jessie/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz -O jessie.main.binary-amd64.Packages.gz

wget http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/dists/jessie/non-free/binary-amd64/Packages.gz -O jessie.non-free.binary-amd64.Packages.gz

Followed by

gunzip jessie.main.binary-amd64.Packages.gz jessie.non-free.binary-amd64.Packages.gz

This will give you two files called jessie.main.binary-amd64.Packages and jessie.non-free.binary-amd64.Packages, which will jointly contain a list of packages corresponding to the source line

deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian jessie main non-free

As Stephen noted, if the sources entry is in your sources.list, then these files, along with many others, will be automatically downloaded to your disk, along with many others.

  • If apt-get update has been run after adding the source line, you might be able to use the existing files in /var/lib/apt/lists.
    – muru
    Apr 15 '16 at 10:03

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