I want to replace a number at the end of a string by incrementing the number by one each time I run a specific sed line. the string looks like this:


I was thinking I could run something like this sed line to do it, but it doesn't work.

sed -i 's/port=[0-9]{5}/int(&+1)/'

I would suggest perl instead of sed for this task:

perl -i -pe 's/(port=)(\d+)$/$1.($2+1)/e' filename

If you don't mind a multi-liner, you can work around it using sed and shell math with:

# or however else you're getting the server-port section
num=$(echo server-port=25555 | sed 's/server-port=//') 
sed -i "s/server-port=25555/server-port=$v/" your-file-here

Note the double-quotes around the sed expression; that's so that $v can be interpreted before sed sees it. In this particular case, you could leave the sed expression unquoted, since there's nothing else in there for the shell to (mis)-interpret.

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