I am using netcat to test if remote exchange server (lets call it exchange1) is online with this code.

nc -w 3 25

I want to create a file that has that servers name if and only if the netcat scan receives a response of '220 SMTP Server Ready', meaning exchange1 is online. If there is no response, I don't want to write the name to the file because it is offline.

  1. What is this called. I believe it to be a type of command result filtering but having trouble finding any articles about how its done.
  2. Can someone provide a simple example of this so I can learn from it.

You can use grep to check of the output of some command matches a pattern, by piping the output of that other command to grep. You use grep inside an if block.

An obviously silly example (and the whole world calls it "Friday", right?):

if date +%A | grep -q 'Friday'; then   # -q tells grep not to echo the matched text
    echo "Nope, sorry, not time yet."

The relevant sections of the Bash manual include "Pipelines" and "Compound Commands".

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