I'm using linux perf_events and sometimes am having trouble with the perf report (which is a terminal application) view freezing up. I'm interacting with a remote linux server which is running perf using a terminal window on OSX (with $TERM set to xterm-256color).

I say "sometimes am having trouble" because when I run a perf report on a short-running program, such as ls it works just fine. But, when I run a longer-running parallel MPI program, when I run perf report I see the initial screen but the terminal becomes unresponsive and I have to close the window. In both cases perf record seems to work just fine; the problem shows up when I use perf report. I see two white cursors or "white blocks" off to the right side of the screen when this happens, jumping up and down vertically.

I think there's some sort of terminal issue.

I'm sshing to the remote server with the -X and -Y options, and am running XQuartz on OSX.

Can anyone help me get perf report running remotely over ssh?

  • Actually linux-tools (on Debian at least) does not use ncurses, but uses slang. – Thomas Dickey Jul 29 '16 at 0:26

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