I have a file, xxx.lst with the following data:

aaa 111  
bbb 222  
ccc 333  

I need to make 3 files called 111.lst, 222.lst and 333.lst respectively with aaa in 111.lst bbb in 222.lst and ccc in 333.lst

I tried something like this:

for x in $(cat xxx.lst|awk '{print $1}');do
    for y in $(cat xxx.lst|awk '{print $2}'|cut -d_ -f3|sort|uniq);do
        echo $x > $y.lst

but it gives me ccc in all 3 files


It should be possible with a single awk command

awk '{print $1 > $2".lst"}' xxx.lst
  • Yea, awesome answer, thanks. Somewhere in back of my mind i knew it is extremely simple. – user165435 Apr 12 '16 at 13:40

You can do something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

while read var1 var2; do
    echo "$var1" > "$var2".lst
done < xxx.lst

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