I looked up several answers on StackExchange network, neither of them worked as I wanted.

I started using urxvt on Ubuntu instead of gnome-terminal, and wanted to configure it's look to be similar. I succeed with fonts, but can't beat transparent background. What I want is mix 60% background and 40% Ubuntu Mid aubergine (#5E2750) -- that's how my gnome-terminal was configured. I tried several combinations of values for Urxvt*background (tried with alpha channel too), Urxvt*transparent, Urxvt*backgroundPixmap, Urxvt*fadeColor, Urxvt*fading (doesn't look actually useful here, but most examples I met set that too) and Urxvt*shading in .Xresources. Every one was not even close, most of them gave completely black background. Looks like I am wrong at understanding backgroundPixmap and background settings, but documentation is not so rich about them.


Referring to 9.20 (since it seems this area is currently under development, post-9.22 early this year, e.g., see github mirror).

urxvt applies the background pixmap after doing the other background transparency operations (it doesn't really combine them). To see this, look at the rxvt_term::bg_init () method in background.C:

rxvt_term::bg_init ()
  if (option (Opt_transparent))
      if (rs [Rs_blurradius])
        root_effects.set_blur (rs [Rs_blurradius]);

      if (ISSET_PIXCOLOR (Color_tint))
        root_effects.set_tint (pix_colors_focused [Color_tint]);

      if (rs [Rs_shade])
        root_effects.set_shade (rs [Rs_shade]);

      rxvt_img::new_from_root (this)->replace (root_img);
      XSelectInput (dpy, display->root, PropertyChangeMask);
      rootwin_ev.start (display, display->root);

  if (rs[Rs_backgroundPixmap])
      fimage.set_file_geometry (this, rs[Rs_backgroundPixmap]);
      if (!bg_window_position_sensitive ())
        update_background ();

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