When I turn on my Linux Mint 17.3 / 18 Cinnamon the NumLock is Off in the Login window.


Turn on NumLock automatically at startup.


First, you need to install a program needed for this purpose - numlockx; man page:

sudo apt-get install numlockx

Then, choose if you wish to achieve the goal through CLI or GUI below.

GUI; probably most convenient under normal operation:

Once numlockx is installed, the following menu item in Login Window -> Options called:

Enable NumLock

becomes available; as you can see:

Login Window Preferences

As pointed out in the other answer, this will add the following line to /etc/mdm/mdm.conf:


CLI; suitable if you are setting other computers up through SSH, for instance:

Open a text editor you are skilled in with this file, e.g. nano if unsure:

sudoedit /etc/mdm/Init/Default

Add these lines at the beginning of the file:

if [ -x /usr/bin/numlockx ]; then
    /usr/bin/numlockx on

As pointed out by Gilles, don't put exec in front of the command.


When you install numlockx (mentioned by [https://unix.stackexchange.com/users/126755/vlastimil] above) on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon than the option is called Activate numlock located in System Settings > Login Window > Settings. enter image description here


Works to me by just installing numlockx package.

I didn't have to add those lines.

I can enable NumLock on Login Screen, from the GUI: Login Window (Preferences) » Options.

I see that in the file:


has been added a new entry:


(My OS: Linux Mint 17.3 Mate 64-bit.)

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