I have Solus 1.1 installed in VirtualBox (host Ubuntu 14.04). I managed to install the guest additions using https://wiki.solus-project.com/VirtualBox, but at it says:

Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components ...fail! (See the log file /var/log/vboxadd-install-x11.log for more information.)

And that log files contains only:

VirtualBox Guest Additions installation, Window System and desktop setup Could not set up the VBoxClient desktop service. To start it at log-in for a given user, add the command VBoxClient-all to the file .xinitrc in their home directory.

There is no VBoxClient-all.

I can resize the Window, but the one thing that is still missing is being able to cut-and-paste the clipboard (It is already set to bidirectional in the VB General-Advance tab). How can I do that?

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Try running VBoxClient --clipboard and see if you can copy and paste from the client to the host and vv.

If that works you might want to just add that command as a line to your ~/.bashrc. It doesn't hurt to be invoked multiple times, and I have not been able to convince Solus to use it from ~/.xinitrc as the log indicates.

The video here, shows a clean installation (in 1.0) of the Virtualbox guest I have not been able to repeat that yet.

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