Why this strange behavior is happening and how to fix it?


I have configured fallback Glagolitic font in fonts.conf:

            <family>Noto Sans Glagolitic</family>

And this works as expected everywhere:

Everything is fine

Except the firefox, which render chars in FreeSans for some reason. BUT if I set a font-weight to bold it's choose the right font:

enter image description here

This is make no sense because 'Noto Sans Glagolitic' is not a bold font but a regular one:

$ fc-cat | grep Glagol
"NotoSansGlagolitic-Regular.ttf" 0 "Noto Sans Glagolitic:
familylang=en:style=Regular:stylelang=en:fullname=Noto Sans Glagolitic:

It doesn't even have bold version! (It had tried to autobold it, but I have disabled this)

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