Tools like pdfcrop (from texlive) are great but they seem to be too focused on removing margins/white space. I'm trying to crop a set of letter pages (8.5x11 inches) to a size of 6x9 inches. I want this measurement to start from the top left of the page; thus the 6x9 I want is the top left 6x9 segment of the original paper, not a centered 6x9 or a 6x9 based on any margins. How can I do this via the command line? I'm on Fedora 23, so something like pdftk is unavailable.

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You can do this with Ghostscript.

  gs \
  -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
  -o marked.pdf \
  -c "[/CropBox [54 54 1314 810] /PAGES pdfmark" \
  -f original.pdf

The cropbox must be calculated with the resolution of your PDF, reference is the bottom left corner. See also this QA.

  • Thank you SO much; I had found a Ghostscript solution earlier, but I see now that there was an error in the command I used (an extra " before \PAGES). I had to change it to [0 144 432 792] for my purposes, but your answer (and the QA) were tremendously helpful! Apr 6, 2016 at 20:05

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