I have a squid proxy running in a docker container, started like this:

docker run --privileged -d --publish=3128:3128 --name foo squid

I want to get some information from it, from another container called bar.

docker run --rm -it --name bar ubuntu:trusty bash

If I run this in the bar container:

nc 3128

Then I get some output from the server. But if I run this:

echo 'HEAD /' | nc 3128

I get nothing. Why not?

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Probably because netcat exits shortly after getting an end-of-file on its standard input.  Try

(echo 'HEAD /'; sleep 5) | nc 3128

to keep netcat's local input open long enough for it to read the network data and write it to the standard output.  The 5 is the number of seconds to delay.

Netcat has an option to deal with this. If you specify a negative quit timeout, it will wait for the network connection to close instead of quitting after EOF on stdin:

echo 'HEAD /' | nc -q -1 3128
  • OK, that works. But if I run it on my host (not in a container), I don't need the sleep 5. Is there a difference in the buffer sizes, or something?
    – z0r
    Apr 6, 2016 at 6:03
  • Ah, apparently netcat has a flag to help with this: -q -1 will tell it not to quit after receiving EOF; it waits instead for the connection to close.
    – z0r
    Apr 6, 2016 at 6:10

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