In Linux Mint the default action when tapping the touchpad with two fingers is a right click. How can I change this to middle click?

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If you're using an synaptics touchpad, you can use synclient to fine-tune the config.

Use following commands for middleclick on 2 fingers and right on 3 fingers:

synclient TapButton2=2
synclient TapButton3=3

The problem: you have to use these commands after each startup, so you should put them in an startup script.

I bet there is a way to configure this permanently, but I'm using it this way and it works fine for me.


This is managed by the synaptics input for Xorg and as such, can be configured in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Open up man synaptics to see the options for that driver.

The setting to permanently bind two finger tap as a middle-click is

Option "ClickFinger2" 3

Since 3 is commonly the number of middle mouse button.

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