I have a "live cd" copied to a USB stick, which successfully boots on a PC, including the persistent that uses a casper-rw partition. But now I wish to boot this, including the persistent option, in a virtualbox session. This way I can play and toy with the contents as guest while my host is my real system, after which I can take my USB stick to another PC (eg. work, visiting someone) and being able to boot up all my stuff there.


Open gparted and create a new ext2 Primary partition labelled live-rw

Boot from the usb Flash drive

From the boot-menu press ESC to see the boot prompt and type

live persistent

All the changes that you make will be saved in the partition live-rw

  • That's not what I asked. This is about booting the stick in VirtualBox. I want to run a live-cd as a virtual machine, and also have the persistence. ps. For Ubuntu it's casper-rw instead of live-rw. – Mike Apr 7 '16 at 20:59

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