A web service writes its output in a text file.

I can fetch that log via:

curl -u user:password -k https://log.my-app.com/log.2016-04-04.txt

Yet this always only fetches a current "full" file even though it is still being written to.

I want to fetch the remote txt file as if it was a stream and have it constantly refetch itself after one minute but only show the updated content.

Is something like this possible using curl?

  • I bet there is a recipe using rsync that would suit this use-case. Apr 4 '16 at 13:58

You're looking for the -C --continue-at and -f --fail arguments.

curl -f -# -u user:password -k -C - -O https://log.my-app.com/log.2016-04-04.txt

Without -f the output file will be appended with html from the 416 (invalid range) error.


You could use curl -C - in a loop to get it to fetch only what has been added, and use tail -f on the local file to watch for the new data. The remote server has to allow for this sort of access.

If it does not, use N=$(stat -c %s file) on the local file to find its size, then pipe the curl through tail -c +N | tee -a file to get the new stuff to the file and stdout.

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