I'm trying to run a bash script named serverloadtest.sh to test a server is performing correctly. However, when I type serverloadtest.sh all I get is 'command not found'. I'm definitely typing the right script name...


In addition to using ./serverloadtest.sh, as DisplayName said, make sure your script is executable. If it's not, use chmod to change the permissions. For example, chmod 755 serverloadtest.sh will give you read/write/exec permissions and others read/exec permissions, or chmod u+x serverloadtest.sh will give you (the owner) exececute permissions, in addition to the permissions you already have.


If you are in the folder, run ./serverloadtest.sh instead.

If you are not in the folder you must cd into the folder where serverloadtest.sh is, or type out the full path.


Just type sh serverloadtest.sh or /usr/local/.../serverloadtest.sh or change your current directory to where this script is and type ./serverloadtest.sh

Try to read about how to run shell scripts.

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