I am searching a dir for a particular string (to see all instances of where the string is present and in which files). However, I want to exclude one particular file from being searched.

Here's what is happening-

$echo "searchstring" > ./old_folder/useless_file
$echo "searchstring" > ./new_folder/good_file
$grep -r --exclude="old_folder/useless_file" searchstring *

Here is the output I want-

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    If you change --exclude="old_folder/useless_file" to simply --exclude=useless_file do you get the same problem? (My reading of the man page suggests the pattern to --exclude should be the basename only, not including the path.) – Wildcard Mar 30 '16 at 15:51

The --exclude option takes globs that are matched against file names, not directories or full paths:

          Skip   files  whose  base  name  matches  GLOB  (using  wildcard
          matching).  A file-name  glob  can  use  *,  ?,  and  [...]   as
          wildcards,  and  \  to  quote  a wildcard or backslash character

So, you could do:

$ grep -r --exclude="*useless_file*" searchstring 

Or, to exclude all files in that directory:

$ grep -r --exclude-dir="old_folder" searchstring 

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