With newer PHP command line, I have a "quick" HTTP server - I simply go to a directory, and issue:

php -S localhost:8000

... and then that directory becomes "root" of a "webserver filesystem" being served on http://localhost:8000.

Is there something similar for FTP? I don't need a full blown FTP server, so for this kind of temporary purpose I find the setup of the usual FTP daemons a bit too complex. I'd just like to go to a directory, issue something like the pseudocode:

ftpMYserver -u testuser -p testpass localhost:21

... which also sets up a test user and password. Then, I could use say lftp like:

lftp -u testuser localhost

... and hopefully be able to GET and PUT files to the directory "ftpMYserver" is running in.

Is there some sort of a facility like that?

lftp -u testuser -p 

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