After the Daylight Saving Time (last Sunday) the "date" output is wrong. I run dpkg-reconfigure tzdata, set the timezone (again) to Europe/Athens, and it still displays the wrong time.

After dpkg-reconfigure tzdata it outputs:

Current default time zone: 'Europe/Athens'
Local time is now:      Wed Mar 30 12:04:07 EEST 2016.
Universal Time is now:  Wed Mar 30 09:04:07 UTC 2016.

But the real time in Athens now is 13:04:07 due to DST. I am also confirming the real current time through www.timeanddate.com

date also outputs:

Wed Mar 30 12:04:77 EEST 2016

I am running Debian GNU/Linux 8


Your clock is one hour late - UTC to EEST difference is 3 hours, so the tzdata correctly converts your 09:04 UTC into 12:04 EEST. Move your clock forward by one hour, e.g. by running ntpdate pool.ntp.org.

  • Thanks mate. I apt-get installed ntp and now it gives the correct time! Mar 30 '16 at 12:01

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