I have a variable Test as below

Test="Environment Dev"

I want to compare col2 char 1 with others and print the whole name of env

this is what i did

echo $Test|awk '{
if ($2 == "^D*")
print "DEV";
print "$2"

I am getting $2 as output but if its Test , comparing D with T I want output as TEST

I also tried this but output is not changing when col2 changes.

echo $Test|awk '{
if ($2 ~ "^D*")
print "$2"

Please help where I am making mistake


Some errors I see in your awk script:

  • Use ~ /whatever/ for regular expressions.
  • Do not add an asterisk in the ^D regexp, that will also match zero D characters.
  • Remove the quotes around the $2 to avoid printing it literally.

A possible solution:

echo $Test | awk '{
if ($2 ~ /^D/)
  print "DEV";
  print $2
  • awesome looks like this works. – Maddy Mar 29 '16 at 16:57
  • Roaima - I am not sure how to mark this post as ANSWERED – Maddy Mar 30 '16 at 19:37

If you're using bash or ksh or zsh, you don't even need to use awk, you can use ${parameter#word} to remove a prefix...in this case the prefix of "all characters up to the first space":

$ Test="Environment Dev"
$ SecondWord=${Test#* }
$ echo $SecondWord

$ [[ $SecondWord =~ ^D ]] && echo DEV || echo $SecondWord

$ SecondWord=Foo
$ [[ $SecondWord =~ ^D ]] && echo DEV || echo $SecondWord 

This may work in some other Bourne-like shells, but I tested it only in the three I mentioned above.

BTW, if you want a "greedy" match (i.e. longest matching string rather than shortest - so that you're getting the LAST word rather than the second and subsequent, if any, words), use ## rather than #.

  • Thanks the issue is resolved. THanks all for the answers – Maddy Mar 30 '16 at 19:36

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