I'm using libvirt's virsh vol-create command to create multiple volumes. I've started using Jinja2 templates to help with automating the task for a specific application. In my case, it would help simplify things for me if I could use the looping feature of Jinja2 to create multiple "<volume>" sections in a single XML file. However, generally speaking, XML requires a single top-level tag to be defined (not multiple of the same) and besides this virsh vol-create gives me an error anyway:

$ virsh vol-create default volumes.xml 
error: Failed to create vol from volumes.xml
error: (storage_volume_definition):16: Extra content at the end of the document

(file contents are here)

Is it possible to put multiple "<volume>" definitions in the same XML file?


This is not possible. One solution I created was to create my own "root tag" called <volumeCollection> and have my own XML scanner find all of the <volume> tags and call virsh vol-create for each of them found. It's a wrapper solution, but accomplished what I needed.

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