I'm looking for a permanently-running monitor which can emit a monthly (or daily, etc) bandwidth report, in a per-program manner. Example desired output:

Bandwidth consumption: last 30 days
Program     Downloaded   Uploaded
/usr/bin/ssh  30MB       100MB
/usr/bin/java 9000MB     3000MB

(it also could be per-process instead of per-program, but then I'd have to consolidate entries manually)

After significative research (including many similar questions over Stack Exchange), I still haven't found such a monitor. Maybe this is not possible under Linux. Or maybe this is bit of an unusual need.


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Use nethogs -t to capture per-process usage and parse the output. From https://boopathi.in/blog/capturing-per-process-bandwidth-usage-using-nethogs/

sh -ic "{ /usr/sbin/nethogs -t eth1 &> output; \
kill 0; } | { sleep $TIMEOUT; \
kill 0; }" 3>&1 2>/dev/null

The output fields are:

Process / Process id / User id    sent kbps    recv kbps

and parse the output using https://github.com/boopathi/nethogs-parser

Another solution from SO: https://stackoverflow.com/a/20705080/3812704

But I like the first solution better.

  • Nethogs creates many files because I'm using ppp0 so I need to sum process usage in each file that is impossible for month. Is there any solution to do that for me? Nov 10, 2017 at 5:56
  • @Daniyal Please ask a new question and provide a nethogs sample output in it.
    – Dani_l
    Nov 10, 2017 at 10:49

You might want to accumulate and process the netstat or iptraf manually in some shell with manual sorting.

Most of the monitors in linux are runtime, some are enlisted here.

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