I have a folder with big files (few GB each). I would like to search aPATTERNthrough these files. I can do this with grep or ack:

$ grep -n 'PATTERN' /path/to/files/*.log

Now, I have a list with all lines including PATTERN. However, I need some area includes these lines to see context: few lines before PATTERN occurs and few lines after it occurs. I would prefer to list these line blocks with coordinates of each (file and line number). How it can be done?


With gnu grep

grep -B <number_lines> -A <number_lines> -n 'PATTERN' /path/to/files/*.log

e.g. to get the 6 lines above the line grep matched, and 4 lines after it:

grep -B 6 -A 4 -n 'PATTERN' /path/to/files/*.log

From man grep

Context Line Control
-A NUM, --after-context=NUM
Print NUM lines of trailing context after matching lines.
-B NUM, --before-context=NUM
Print NUM lines of leading context before matching lines.

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