I am running Ubuntu Trusty on an ARM embedded board. Init System is Upstart. The watchdog (v5.13) should supervise the apache server. Obviously the watchdog is testing for the apache pid-file before it is generated. This leads to a reboot loop. What would be an appropriate approch to solve this issue?

  • Adding delay via watchdog repair-binary / repair-timeout? (As far as this is possible)
  • Adding delay / change start sequence via the init process?

Thanks in advance.


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The latest watchdog code supports a time-out and retry behaviour for exactly this sort of thing! Get the code from https://sourceforge.net/p/watchdog/code/ci/master/tree/ and build it and see if that helps. More info on building process can be found here, even though it is referring to an experimental version: http://www.sat.dundee.ac.uk/~psc/watchdog/watchdog-version-6.html

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