I've recently started to use the i3 window manager. I configured i3 and xterm to fit my needs, but whenever I start xterm and want use the menu (ctrl+mouse_button), the menu gets displayed as a small window with no border and no title bar. I can't use the menu, because the options are not visible.
The black border is the one surrounding the menu. As you can see, it displays "VT" ...
screenshot of xterm menu not working

How can I fix this? Is it something with i3 or Xresources?


xterm*dynamicColors:    true
xterm*background:      grey13
xterm*foreground:      yellow
xterm*utf8:             1
xterm*eightBitInput:    true
xterm*saveLines:        32767
xterm*scrollTtyKeypress:       true
xterm*scrollTtyOutput:  false
xterm*scrollBar:        true
xterm*loginShell:       true
xterm*font:         7x13
xterm*jumpScroll:       true
xterm*multiScroll:      true
xterm*toolBar:          true
xterm*geometry:                90x30
xterm*cursorBlink:          true

The problem is the resource setting for geometry:

xterm*geometry:                90x30

That applies to the VT100 window and the menus — using different units of measure. For the VT100, it is characters, but for the menu it is pixels. Pixels are a lot smaller than (most) characters.

You probably meant this:

xterm*VT100.geometry:          90x30

Further reading: Why are the menus tiny? (xterm FAQ)

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