I need to parse a text file and replace a certain portion of it. I believe sed is the way to do it but not sure how to handle multiple lines with it

The pattern I am looking is

set cells { \  
cell1 \  
cell2 \  
cell3 \  

and I want to replace it with the contents of a variable.

Something like the following should do the trick, but it doesn't work on multiple lines. Any ideas?

sed "s/set cells {.*}/set cells {$cell_variable}/" file

  • If your command is working then you are just missing the g. sed "s/set cells {.*}/set cells {$cell_variable}/g" file – Mongrel Mar 22 '16 at 12:31

If it must be sed:

sed -i.bak ':a;N;$!ba;s/set cells {.*}/set cells{\n'$cell_variable'\n}/g' file
  • -i.bak creates a backup of the original file before editing inline.
  • :a create label a to jump back.
  • N append the next line of input into the pattern space.
  • $! if it's not the last line...
    • ba jump back to label a
  • s///g search and replace the patterns

A simpler solution with perl:

perl -0777 -i.bak -pe "s/set cells \{.*\}/set cells{\n$cell_variable\n}/igs" file
  • -0777 causes perl to slurp files whole.
  • -i.bak creates a backup of the original file before editing inline.

I wanted to avoid perl as an extra tool to use. I could not make chaos solution to work for some reason, but reading a bit on sed I came up with an alternative which is here

sed "/set cells/!b; :Loop; N; /}/!b Loop; s/.*/set cells {$cell_def}/" -i file
  • /set cells/!b : Look for set cells, if not found go to next line
  • :Loop : label used to merge multiple lines
  • N : append the next line
  • /}/!b Loop : Look for an }, if not found go back to label Loop. In practice the loop reads a new line until the } is found
  • s/.*/set cells {$cell_def}/ : replace everything with my own set cells command. At this point the whole statement including the {.*} should be read.

Thank you for the help everybody

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