I'm kinda new with the unix shell, and I don't seem to find the answer of my problem :

I have a folder containing multiple files : a correct filename contains exactly 13 characters (numbers + letters + underscore). For example :


Some files are named incorrectly, the error always being in the last characters, such as :


I need to run a find / replace command that would work this way for all the files in my folder :

IF filename > 13 characters (without the extension), then delete every character after the 13th.

I tried some commands with mmv and awk, but i'm stuck so far.

Edit : forgot to precise, the command should consider space(s) in the filename and delete them if present.

  • What happens if you have 9009015000_PS_1.jpg and 9009015000_PS_2.jpg? If you simply delete after 13 then you'll end up with the same filename. Mar 17, 2016 at 10:27
  • If duplicates are created, one can overwrite the other without causing any other problems. As long as the 10 first numbers are the same, the .jpg files are identical.
    – AdW
    Mar 17, 2016 at 10:31

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Assuming you are using a bash shell

(shopt -s globstar; rename --no-act 's/^(.{13}).*/$1\.jpg/' **/*)

The (....) is so the shopt -s globstar option only applies to this one command - if for some reason you didnt have globbing already on. If using zsh

rename --no-act 's/^(.{13}).*/$1\.jpg/' **/*

the --no-act switch will give a preview of what rename potentially will do.
If you are happy with the proposed changes, remove -no-act and your files will be bulk renamed.


There may be another quickest solution available. This code is not considering the file name having space in it. But you can give below code a try:

SHW@SHW:/tmp # for i in `find /home/user -type f`
      mv $i `echo $i | cut -c -13`.`$i | rev | cut -d'.' -f 1 | rev`
  • I forgot to precise that the script should consider space(s), sorry ! I edited the question accordingly.
    – AdW
    Mar 17, 2016 at 10:33

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