I tired to create my own CentOS ISO install image. I followed instructions from here. I copied all the packages from CentOS minimal install CD image, and didn't add any extra package. I just want's to add a kickstart to make it automatically install. However, when I tried to use this new Image to install (without kickstart for now), it shows Error setting up base repository and I tried to configure the installation source, the repository didn't pass verify. It says This media is not good to install from.

However, I tried to use the CD image which I copied data from, it passed verification and everything works fine. I believe I just copied the data from a correct CD image and made another one has exactly the same packages and configurations. But it just didn't work.

I got some information from text mode, I saw an error says:

Error running arch: No such file or directory.

Does anyone know what happens? Thanks a lot.

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