I have to installed XFCE instead of Gnome in Arch. Apart pacman -S and pacman -R commands, what else should I do? Will I have to remove gnome from "recovery mode" or what? I guess it's not possible to remove while I'm using it. Or is it? And then how will I install XFCE, will I have to boot in the command-line mode and will it be only way?

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You can probably install XFCE without uninstalling Gnome first -- there are no package conflicts. Then log out, and select the XFCE desktop session at the GDM login screen.

As far as I know, XFCE doesn't have it's own login screen ("display manager"), so be careful when you remove Gnome that you don't also remove GDM (or that you replace it with something else). You probably want to keep many of your Gnome apps anyway, so just removing everything in the Gnome group is a bad idea anyway.

After switching, you will probably want to clean up your dot-files so that the settings you had in Gnome don't do undesirable things in XFCE (or just to free up the space used by Gnome cruft). Creating a new user is a good way to see what a clean config looks like.

As always with Arch Linux, read the wiki page before doing anything. :-)

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