I'm new to debian, I don't know much about the distribution of debian, want to try it on my laptop.

As far as I know, the debian testing version is rolling 'release' and kind of stable, and not so old as stable version. I want to try this version. But I didn't know well about the difference among these versions.


'Weekly builds of installer images'

'Weekly builds of live images'

'Daily builds of installer images'


Currently I only know the daily build version is unstable/sid version, which I don't want. But what's the difference between weekly build and stretch-alpha5 ? And I prefer gnome desktop, I didn't see any gnome-livecd among these isos. Which one should I choose ? Thanks very much.


Quoting the image catalog:

Alpha/Beta/Release Candidate builds of Debian Installer for Stretch

  • Alpha 5 is most recent - a full set of installer images for all architectures

Regular builds of testing / (what will be Stretch)

Alpha 5 refers to the debian-installer release; this is a tested release with release notes and errata.

The daily and weekly builds also install testing, but they are built automatically and there are no guarantees as far as the installer is concerned.

The default desktop on netinst CDs is Gnome; the other images specify which desktop they install (XFCE on the other Alpha 5 image; the weekly live images are available with Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE, LXDE, MATE and XFCE).

The safer bet is to use the netinst Alpha 5 CD.

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