In tmux, pressing prefix + , prompts you to rename the current window:

The (rename-window) prompt is automatically populated with the current window name -- in this case, zsh.

I would rather the the (rename-window) prompt not be pre-populated with the current window name because more times than not, I end up deleting the current window name before typing the new one.

Is there a tmux option or plugin that can make the (rename-window) prompt empty by default?

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The tmux command for prefix + , can be seen in the list of command, which is displayed when you press prefix + ?

Default should look like this:

bind-key , command-prompt -I #W "rename-window '%%'"

Just cut off the -I #W part from there to get the empty value as default suggestion when renaming.

That is, put this line in your tmux.conf:

bind-key , command-prompt "rename-window '%%'"

and reload the tmux config/ restart the tmux


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