I am working on a Linux system without X server, so I don't have Xmodmap to change keys on my keyboard. Since the keyboard attached to the Linux PC is a "windows keyboard" (if there is such a thing) with a "windows key" and the right Ctrl key is unhandy to reach, I want to use the windows key for the right Ctrl key.

So this is what I do:

echo keycode 126 = CtrlR     | loadkeys -

I determined the number 126 with showkey.

yet, it doesn't seem to change anything with regards to the behavior of the right windows key.

I am a bit surprised because I was able to switch the Esc and Capslock keys with a similar

echo keycode   1 = Caps_Lock | loadkeys -  
echo keycode  58 = Escape    | loadkeys -

You would do this with loadkeys, which requires that you have a keyboard configuration file (which you can get a starting point using dumpkeys).

The hard part, of course, is determining the relationship between the key names in X versus those in the console.

Further reading:


The modifiers CtrlL and CtrlR are different columns in the keymap to the usual modifier for generating Control-a and so on. You probably intend to use Control for both left and right control keys, so try

echo keycode 126 = Control     | loadkeys -

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