I have a PDF file with bookmarks (aka index and document outline), which seem to specify the zoom in which the document is displayed after the link is followed. I know this because when I view the file in Evince and click on a bookmark, Evince automatically changes the zoom level.

Although this is documented in ISO 32000-1:2008 (Section 12), I don't like this behavior. I want my PDF viewer to display the document in the same zoom level after using bookmarks.

A relatively new key allow-links-change-zoom in dconf is supposed to remedy this problem. However, even after setting the key to false, Evince continued to show the previous behavior. (Perhaps I might have needed to reboot the computer; but I can't check this because I don't have access to a newer version of Evince right now.)

That is why I've been trying to remove the zoom information from the bookmarks of the PDF file.

Keywords like /XYZ, /Fit and GoTo that appear in the specification does not occur in the file. Perhaps the bookmark is encoded somehow. So erasing the data by hand or by sed doesn't seem to work.

How can I do the task?

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