My goal is to make,for testing purpose a multipath lvm iscsi I have setup two debian iscsi server,workings I have setup the multipath on a debian client and i can create dirs,etc on ext4 fs. But if server1 goes down the fs is stucked(hang) Why? This is my multipath.conf

defaults {
         udev_dir                /dev
         polling_interval        5
         path_grouping_policy    multibus
         path_checker            directio
         prio                    const
         rr_min_io               100
         rr_weight               priorities
         failback                immediate
         no_path_retry           fail

blacklist {
         devnode "^(ram|sda|raw|loop|fd|md|dm-|sr|scd|st)[0-9]*"
         devnode "^hd[a-z][[0-9]*]"
         devnode "^vd[a-z]"
         devnode "^cciss!c[0-9]d[0-9]*[p[0-9]*]"

multipaths {
         multipath {
                 wwid 149455400000000009d1b03a0217052c8b19b0fa6e5bfe7bd
                 alias iscsi_storage

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The answer is: not possible

Dual-primary DRBD, iSCSI, and multipath: Don’t Do That!

“Dual-primary” iSCSI targets for multipath: does not work. iSCSI is a stateful protocol, there is more to it that than just reads and writes. To run multipath (or multi-connections per session) against distinct targets on separate nodes you’d need to have cluster aware iSCSI targets which coordinate with each other in some fashion. To my knowledge, this does not exist (not for Linux, anyways).

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