I'm trying to finish a little bash project and I got stuck while trying to tar a folder given a path. For example, the program receives the route /home/folderx. Then, it looks for every folder inside that directory with a for i in ~/folderx/*; do... loop. And here's the problem: I'm trying to tar every folder inside that route with tar -czvf $i.tgz $i -P, but it compress the entire route that was given to the program. At the end, I obtain a .tgz with the correct name (the name of the directory that I wanted to tar) but inside it there's /home/folderx/name_of_the_folder/contents instead of just name_of_the_folder contents.

What's the problem? Thank you very much.

  • > Then, it looks for every folder inside that directory with a for i in ~/folderx/*; do... : If they exist, that will also match other types of files. To match only directories (excluding hidden directories, whose name begins with a .): for i in ~/folderx/*/; do.... Note the trailing slash. – Barefoot IO Mar 9 '16 at 22:01

you need to be in the directory which you need to do tar.

In for i in ~/folderx/*; do...loop do

cd $i
tar -czvf $i.tgz . -P
cd -

This works for me.

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  • That worked more or less for me. If I use your code, the script creates a folder with the correct name but, when decompressing, it leaves all content inside the directory. I finally used: cd ~/directory_that_contents_the_folders_to_compress final_name=$(basename $i)"_"$(date +"%Y%m%d").tgz tar -czf $final_name $(basename $i) -P && mv $final_name /detination_folder cd - – Erwol Mar 10 '16 at 16:00

Create the archive file first and then run the command.

For example:

destination__folder = "name_of_folder.tgz"

tar czvf $path/to/destination_folder $i

In the above example $i is the one that you are already using in your script.

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