System-left or System-Right binds the window to half screen size on the left or right side of the screen canvas.

Assuming I have only 30% open on the right side how to make it consume only 30% of screen canvas instead of 50%? Is it even possible in Gnome?

I'm using Fedora 23.


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It will largely depend on the version of Gnome that you're running:

In Gnome2, compiz is the way to go (with the grid plugin). For example, if you press ctrl+alt+numkey-left the active window will occupy the left 50% of your screen. If pressed again, it will ocupy 2/3 of your screen. And if pressed a third time, it will occupy 1/3 of your screen.

Apparently compiz isn't compatible with Gnome3 though, so you'd have to stick with whatever shell extensions can replicate. I haven't tried any of these yet, but here goes:

  • gnome-shell-grid extension - Apparently tries to mimic the behavior from compiz, but I find no mention of it handling screen thirds (only halves are mentioned).
  • gTile extension - Seems very customizable.
  • Put Windows extension - Apparently very simple to use.

This isn't possible with the default Shell. It would certainly be possible with a Shell Extension, but as far as I know, there is no current extension which does this.

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