SCP is working, but the sshfs is displaying the above error.

sudo sshfs -o allow_other -o transform_symlinks username@ /media/SSHFS_bbb
  • You are saying sudo scp username@ /tmp works, while the sshfs command above doesn't? Mar 9 '16 at 5:53
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    Hi @tharunkumar, welcome to Unix & Linux. Please do not post a question and answer in the same place. If you have found the answer, answer to yourself in the answer box. Mar 9 '16 at 8:06

Found the solution - host key is changed, Need to update it.

update the Host key of the IP address

sudo ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R

After this sshfs is working, I am able to mount the complete file system.


In my case, I have done:
-o ssh_command='sshpass -p xxx ssh'
password is right, and get "Connection reset by peer", after remove the option, succeed.

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