Under Scientific-linux?


I just want to separate Skype, because I don't trust it. We are using it only to call/chat with people, no file transfers!

  • I did that in the past for several applications (Dropbox, Eclipse, TeamViewer), but it's always a lot of try&error because you need to map x11, sound etc to your container and often 3rd party developers forget to add all dependencies to their products; they normally only test in fully working systems instead of chroot/containers. Dropbox finally worked, TeamViewer didn't. Unfortunately, I never tried skype and don't know if I find the time this weekend. – Daniel Alder Oct 9 '15 at 7:44

Firejail is a Linux namespaces sandbox program that can jail Skype, Firefox or any other GUI software. It should work on any Linux computer.

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There're builtin application restriction approaches, you don't have to run it within a container.

Take a look at apparmor, it should fit all your needs. e.g what file it can read / write, what binaries it can execute

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