I want to search for PNG's in a (sub-)folder structure with the meta tag software set to the value GNOME::ThumbnailFactory and delete them with a single bash command.

Have the story behind it, you can skip that if you want:
I scrapped my Ubuntu ext filesystem by formatting the drive, and then decided to save my files with PhotoRec. My problem now is that now I have all my files wildly distributed in some sub-folders, and guess it, the hidden Gnome Thumbnail folder is also evenly distributed in it and way larger than the original files because it also indexed my external harddrive I had mounted on it sometimes. I found out all of them had the PNG Software Tag set to the GNOME::ThumbnailFactory value by looking at some of them with ExifToolGUI in Windows, but I'm not able to find out how I can do that and delete them according to the results with a Linux Command Line Tool, and I'm not very proficient with grep to be honest.


You can do this using ImageMagick. Once ImageMagick is installed, use command identify -verbose image.jpg and pick what you want from the output using grep

find / -name "*.png" -exec sh -c '
  if identify -verbose "${file}" | grep your_pattern_here
    echo "${file}" # or do something else here, e.g. rm
' {} \;
  • Doesn't that only put the result for one image? I want to search them according to said tag – uncanny Mar 8 '16 at 14:56
  • Yeah... that is what a for loop for. You can loop through files one by one, as it should be done. See my updates in the answer above – MelBurslan Mar 8 '16 at 15:01

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