I am writing an sh file I have this command

cp test/*.txt NewDirectory/

from my understanding it will go one by one in the test folder


but won't copy


because they are not there

I need it to print out or in a log file the files it couldn't find or couldn't copy to the new folder. How do I do that ?

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Your understanding is incorrect. If there are only 1,2,5,6 there will be no error message in case those files are copied successfully. IF your need is to parse N number or txt files in folder and see which does not exist you can do something like: for x in {1..10}; do cp $x.txt NewDirectory/;done .Further you can append > output.log to redirect the command output to file.


with cp test/*.txt NewDirectory/ 2>./output.log

but the cp with * command will have to copy the files that exist and so do not show display error if files do not exist

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